Friday, February 24, 2006

whats my major

Engg comes at the bottom of this list .. not surprising

You scored as Dance. You should be a Dance major! Like a lithe ballerina, you dance because you believe there is beauty in expressing the physical form.





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

software engineer to a hotelie

"provoked you to make a career transition from being a software engineer to a hotelier"

Radical carrer shift

Manas this should provide the answer to your confusion :

"Mai Motorola mein hi hun. Pata nahin kyun?"

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

PhiStream hits headlines

So Vaibhav Sinha makes it big .. Great news .. Congratulations




Financial Express

btw - Sinha your updated web-site looks quite jazzy now.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

rang de basanti

Finally Got to see the much awaited movie - Rang de Basanti on Fridy night. (Thanks to Harsha Reddy)

Reminded me of 2 things -

1 - Movie ankush -the biggest blockbuster of the year 1996 directed by N Chandra made on a movie of Rs 12 lakh featuring Nana Patekar - one of my favorie movie - with one of my favourite dialog - "hum ankush laga dena chahte thay is samaj pur, lekin shayad hamara raasta galat tha" finally denouncing the violennt way in which the charachters had sought to change the society.

2 - My first dream job of becoming a krantkari ;o) Fulled by the Amar chitr khata that my grandfather used to being me in my childhood. Everyday he used to pick me up from Sanwal School and buy me a comic from Modern book store. Amar chitr khatha had a big collectgion of Indian freedom fighters.

Imagin my disappointment in learning that my dream job of Krantikari was no longer available as Indian was already independent.

Then I used to reason out why India does not take revenge on UK for ruling our country.

Coming back to the movie - a good movie without the usual boy-girl love affair being the highight of the film. Also I liked the fact that Aamir Khan does not dominate the movie and other charachters have the space for creating their identity.

Saw this movie again on Saturday afternoon.

I would rate this movie as 8/10

Friday, February 03, 2006

ramblings continued..

Manas has a response

"Job satisfaction is a pretty complex topic. I am surprized that nobody has written a best-seller on this yet and made millions. [hint for you] "

Thanks manas will think about this topic objectively when I am no longer working.

Some observations -

Job satisfaction has got nothing do with the job content. One of the most satisfied person that I have seen around me does nothing but sophisticated data-entry for aliving but is extremely happy about the situation. Rajiv Shashtry used to tell me that he is jealous of one of his friends who works in a call-center but is so happy about life.

Something I read in the moral - science class 4 at SEM - "I was crying for new shoes until I met a man who had no feet" Should'nt we be asking this question to the unemployed people also.

Regarding dissatifaction because of area of intrest - "I want to work in finance, its my area of intrest" types of complaints. I get reminded of our fourth year discussion-

Vaibhav Sinha to Manas - yaar tu aur luccha dono ek saath BTP (B Tech project) kyu nahi kar rahe ho ?

Manas - yaar hamara area of intrest alag alag hai

Sinha - Area of intrest .. wo kya hota hai ?

Truly Sinha must be one of the most satisfied person around. Easy-going with the flow of life with no resistance to any kind of work. Havent met him after he declared himself the CEO of phiStream. Wonder if he has changed ?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Job Satisfaction - ramblings

Job Satisfaction

A term to describe the fleeting emotion one experiences when ones work gets appreciated amongst people and the person gets a momentary high and starts believing that one is putting in long hours not solely for the pay-cheque.

On a more serious note, I believe you would get job satisfaction only if u were doing the work that u really love or your current job (though may be in a unreated field) is a geat way forward and facilitates you to do the thing that u would really want to do. As an example, if you dream of running a agricultural farm or a NGO or to do no other job except to laze out in the sun - then u might put up with your current high paying demanding job happily as this would take u a step closer to achieving the financial security necessary to pursue your dream-job

More idealistic view of job-satisfaction - the job/work that you still do even if u were not getting paid for it (or more realistically getting survival level income from this). If such a stage were to be reached then the job will stop becoming a job but would become your daily source of expressing yourself... job-nirvana u might like to say .. much above the satisfaction level .. the highest level of maslow's pyaramid; self-actualization state

As my colleague at SRF - Ajit, an iim-a grad, used to complain - 'before mba when I was working for wipro, all I was concerned was whether I should shift to infy or accenture. during mba I was beweildered by the choices. And now I always think whether I chose the right domain ' i could identify with this line of thought. To me the basic problem is still the same - not knowing what u want in life and hence going through these phases of confusion regarding career choices leading to job dis-satisfaction

Whenever my former room-mate
shukla used to complain about job, I could just shut him up with this simple question.. Ok tell me what u really want to do .. and I will tell you the organization to work for.

Finding meaning outside job -

During my counselling at isb during the placement season I was told that one big change in life that has come about is that people have started identifying themselves only with their job - nothing more nothing less.

I am what I do for a living - this is the new age indian motto. We measure someones worth based on what kind of job a person does.

Recall any conversation with strangers or ppl you meet at parties .. inevitabley within the first 5 question something like this pops up - so where do u work ? or so what do u do ?

Something similar happens when I talk about some long lost bath-mate with some common friend -

Typical Q&A round:

first question is -
yaar wo jo soni tha na .. apne wing wala .. wo kaha hai aajkal
Ans - watan mai hai ( meaning USA mai .. almost 70% of the batch is there)

Q - kya kar raha hai ?
A - kisi to software company mai pada hua hai Houston mai ..

Q - frust hai ki happy hai ..
A - major frust hai

Q - kahi shift nahi maaar raha hai wo .. kitne time se pada hua hai waha
A - Fight maar raha hai bay area jane ke liye

Q - shadi ho gayi uski ?
A - ha last year hui thi

Rather than enquiring about other things we just focus on the job / company that he is working in .. and once we know that we move on to the next person

Another former srf colleague and room-mate Umang seems to have compartmentalized his personal & professional life. He does a very good job of whatever task has been allocated and never allows a job to define him.

He devotes an extraordinary amount of time ( almost the entire-weekend) for voluntary services to the Dayalbagh sect agra. He is of the opinion that he will never change his job.

Other issue -

job satisfaction level in India is coming down while at the same time salaries are sky-rocketing and job opportunites had never seemed so good. Would I be massacared for making such a statement ?

Think about people from your parents generation, most of whome were working in PSU's or working as a government employee. The salries were low, working condition absymal, no swanky offices, no free tea/coffee/cold-drinks at office, little chance of making it big in life but still people seemed to complain so little about their job. They were just plain greatful of the fact that they had a job.

In the present days, if u dont like a job, you could quit and would be in a different company within a month at the most. We have more choices yet most of us complain. Has more choices led to this ? The phenomena seems especially pronounced for the people with an mba. not only do they have to braod-area of jobs (IT/Finance/marketing/HR) they have to narrow down their focus to a sub-sector ( eg marketing not sales in FMCG, investment banking in a MNC; No corporate finance; BD in the health-care domain in the top 3 IT company , equity research but only in the IT Hardware or telecom domain ) People coming out of engg have limited options - ( Software/Non-software. If Software - legacy/ non-legacy, If not legacy then J2EE or C#, C or C++ ... Product company or services company - after a few years u just look out for the few specific companies in your domain and keep on shifting the companies)

Conclusion -

maybe this entire debate itself is futile .. Maybe we should stop thinking about this and focus on getting more out of life.. or just identifying our broader goals in life

hmm.. Parth, doesnt this thing remark you Landmark Forum introduction speech. they use to say by doing our course its not that the your problems in life will go away .. rather your thinking & attitude will make these problems look much smaller ..

As for me i have given up on looking for this job-satisfaction and am looking at the current job as a way to save some money to retire 5 year down the line... to do what I think i would want to do 5 yrs hence. This is not to suggest that I just relax in my job waiting to get fired, rather I think I take my job rather seriously.

Opting out of corporate job may not be the correct solution. As I used to discuss with pareekh in pune - succeessful ppl seem to be successful in every part of life and they seem to be able to squeez out so much more out of life ... take physical exercise for example - Lisa ray doing yoga everyday, anil ambani jogging everyday, Mr B K Birla taking a 7 km walk daily .. now dont tell me that you dont have time for all this.. certailnly u are not as busy as these people

oh .. did I diagress from the main topic ? ;o) but anyway this was supposed to be ramblings.

To Do's in life

My laundary list of ToDo Items (Work In Progress)

Photography related (slr, practice & patience, follow-ups) -

shoot good landscapes using a digital-slr (nikkon 50?) and have them published in one of the leading photogrpahic magazines

Doing stuff -

Run a complete marathon (the best I have done is a 21 km half-marathon, that too in 1994 represnenting St Stephens in the inter-college cross country run. our team got the 2nd prize )

Point collction items (time & money)

visit varanasi ghats

visit Tibbet (Lahasa)

visit Goa

visit the mountain deserts of leh-ladakh

visit Paris, Rome, Venice, amsterdam & SF

Doables .. matter of putting in time and energy

read all books from the penguine book of best 100 books of last century (current count approx 20)

watch all top 250 World movies (imdb listing)(some of these in languages other than english) (current count approx 40)

Along the cost journey on a caravan/truck from gujrat to west-bengal

To teach part-time in a school/college

Get a book published (or get it published on my own) (topic still a work in progress - current topic - faq's of life)

some wild/exotic ones -

make a art-movie

get a photograph published in national geographic

bike tour along the himalayas from kashmir to north-east through nepal (couple of travelogues have been written on this journey)

own a small cottage having a room with a view of the himalayas

fund a scholarship in a school at nainital

To retire from a corporate job in 5 years (save some money for it idiot, just reminding myself)

(My current assets are -6.1 lakh Rs (education loan, -6,08,812 Rs to be precise. I vow never to take any other loan in life), a second-hand pulsar bike, a non-Intel PC, a 5 in one Philips music system, a digital camera, some books, music & movies cds, clothes & shoes, one godrej storewell, a BSA Mach1 bicycle with 5 gears (got it repaired recently costing me 350 Rs ), 1 mobile phone (philips 4.5k the cheapest camera phone that money can buy) , 1 folding table, 4 plastic chairs, 5 bank accounts, 2 demat accouts but stocks worth 30k Rs, liquid money just enough to cover the next emi of loan, 2 lakhs of saving in ppf & insurance policy, no personal accomodation in chennai or uk (living with great set of friends), no tv, no car, no washing machine, no gas connection, no other fixed or liquid assets)

Not-doing stuff

give up all addictions (except for tea/caffine)

Bad Postings explained

Why my postings are so errorful - spelling mistakes, grammer mistakes, wrong words capitalized , excessive use of brackets (usually because of an after-thought) and broken chain of thoughts

short answer - I don't use MS Word to type out so there is no auto-correct of spelling & grammar

long answer -

its important for me to catch the flow of thoughts and put them down. (got this idea from Joel (Joel on software) that in the first draft u must keep on writing whatever comes to your mind else you would loose your thoughts.. then u should go back and write a second draft correcting all mistakes

Its just that I am too lazy to do the second draft.