Thursday, February 02, 2006

To Do's in life

My laundary list of ToDo Items (Work In Progress)

Photography related (slr, practice & patience, follow-ups) -

shoot good landscapes using a digital-slr (nikkon 50?) and have them published in one of the leading photogrpahic magazines

Doing stuff -

Run a complete marathon (the best I have done is a 21 km half-marathon, that too in 1994 represnenting St Stephens in the inter-college cross country run. our team got the 2nd prize )

Point collction items (time & money)

visit varanasi ghats

visit Tibbet (Lahasa)

visit Goa

visit the mountain deserts of leh-ladakh

visit Paris, Rome, Venice, amsterdam & SF

Doables .. matter of putting in time and energy

read all books from the penguine book of best 100 books of last century (current count approx 20)

watch all top 250 World movies (imdb listing)(some of these in languages other than english) (current count approx 40)

Along the cost journey on a caravan/truck from gujrat to west-bengal

To teach part-time in a school/college

Get a book published (or get it published on my own) (topic still a work in progress - current topic - faq's of life)

some wild/exotic ones -

make a art-movie

get a photograph published in national geographic

bike tour along the himalayas from kashmir to north-east through nepal (couple of travelogues have been written on this journey)

own a small cottage having a room with a view of the himalayas

fund a scholarship in a school at nainital

To retire from a corporate job in 5 years (save some money for it idiot, just reminding myself)

(My current assets are -6.1 lakh Rs (education loan, -6,08,812 Rs to be precise. I vow never to take any other loan in life), a second-hand pulsar bike, a non-Intel PC, a 5 in one Philips music system, a digital camera, some books, music & movies cds, clothes & shoes, one godrej storewell, a BSA Mach1 bicycle with 5 gears (got it repaired recently costing me 350 Rs ), 1 mobile phone (philips 4.5k the cheapest camera phone that money can buy) , 1 folding table, 4 plastic chairs, 5 bank accounts, 2 demat accouts but stocks worth 30k Rs, liquid money just enough to cover the next emi of loan, 2 lakhs of saving in ppf & insurance policy, no personal accomodation in chennai or uk (living with great set of friends), no tv, no car, no washing machine, no gas connection, no other fixed or liquid assets)

Not-doing stuff

give up all addictions (except for tea/caffine)


Anonymous Lokesh Shah said...

TODO lists ain't very interesting. Everyone makes them.

What's more intersting is how you plan to go about ticking the entries off the list.

2:42 AM  
Blogger vishal sah said...

loki .. well pointed out - next I will make a action plan for going about achieving these

4:30 AM  

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