Friday, February 03, 2006

ramblings continued..

Manas has a response

"Job satisfaction is a pretty complex topic. I am surprized that nobody has written a best-seller on this yet and made millions. [hint for you] "

Thanks manas will think about this topic objectively when I am no longer working.

Some observations -

Job satisfaction has got nothing do with the job content. One of the most satisfied person that I have seen around me does nothing but sophisticated data-entry for aliving but is extremely happy about the situation. Rajiv Shashtry used to tell me that he is jealous of one of his friends who works in a call-center but is so happy about life.

Something I read in the moral - science class 4 at SEM - "I was crying for new shoes until I met a man who had no feet" Should'nt we be asking this question to the unemployed people also.

Regarding dissatifaction because of area of intrest - "I want to work in finance, its my area of intrest" types of complaints. I get reminded of our fourth year discussion-

Vaibhav Sinha to Manas - yaar tu aur luccha dono ek saath BTP (B Tech project) kyu nahi kar rahe ho ?

Manas - yaar hamara area of intrest alag alag hai

Sinha - Area of intrest .. wo kya hota hai ?

Truly Sinha must be one of the most satisfied person around. Easy-going with the flow of life with no resistance to any kind of work. Havent met him after he declared himself the CEO of phiStream. Wonder if he has changed ?


Anonymous Vaibhav Sinha said...

The one person who has always run after "Area of Interest" all the time is you Sahu. I wonder if you found "Job Satisfaction"?
My funda has always been that "Job Satisfaction" is an impossibility. Now, "Work Satisfaction" is another thing... In a country like ours, there are not too many people who can get jobs which involves doing work they like.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Vaibhav said...

Contd from the previous one-

...unless they create jobs in their "area of interest". That is what I have been professing to everyone around me. This country needs more entrepreneurs.

8:54 AM  

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