Saturday, February 04, 2006

rang de basanti

Finally Got to see the much awaited movie - Rang de Basanti on Fridy night. (Thanks to Harsha Reddy)

Reminded me of 2 things -

1 - Movie ankush -the biggest blockbuster of the year 1996 directed by N Chandra made on a movie of Rs 12 lakh featuring Nana Patekar - one of my favorie movie - with one of my favourite dialog - "hum ankush laga dena chahte thay is samaj pur, lekin shayad hamara raasta galat tha" finally denouncing the violennt way in which the charachters had sought to change the society.

2 - My first dream job of becoming a krantkari ;o) Fulled by the Amar chitr khata that my grandfather used to being me in my childhood. Everyday he used to pick me up from Sanwal School and buy me a comic from Modern book store. Amar chitr khatha had a big collectgion of Indian freedom fighters.

Imagin my disappointment in learning that my dream job of Krantikari was no longer available as Indian was already independent.

Then I used to reason out why India does not take revenge on UK for ruling our country.

Coming back to the movie - a good movie without the usual boy-girl love affair being the highight of the film. Also I liked the fact that Aamir Khan does not dominate the movie and other charachters have the space for creating their identity.

Saw this movie again on Saturday afternoon.

I would rate this movie as 8/10


Anonymous Lokesh Shah said...

Saw it today.
Didn't really find it as good as many reviews and bloggers have made it to be. After reading so much, I had gone with some high expectations. Something refreshing like "Dil Chahta Hai".
The first half is ok, considering the different angle of looking at the old independence struggle story.
The 2nd part was a drag. Ideal environment to prompt one to walk out of a theater. I would have too if I didn't have dinner plan with others watching the movie with me.

On the other hand, the movie theater at Baroda was a pleasure to visit. Much better than Delhi PVR of six yrs ago. The theaters have really improved since I watched a movie last time in India.

3:40 AM  

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