Sunday, May 29, 2005

MSN Spaces - A waste of time

I am having issues with my MSN Spaces Blog. Issue is quite simple - my blog has been deleted from it. When I log in to MSN Spaces I get the option of creating new blogspaces, nothing about my existing blog.

Dont know how to fix this or whether this is a temporary issue. So I looked for the relevant MSFT web-page to report this and I came across the following -

Help and Support (
""Report a Microsoft Product Bug

If you think you have found a bug in a Microsoft product, contact our Microsoft Product Support Services department.
(800) MICROSOFT (642-7676)""

No e-mail address. Am I expected to send the screen-shots of the error messages that I get through this ?
Google helped me to locate other users who have similar issues - but unfortunatley the hack descibed still does not work for me ;o(

I vow not to waste my time on MSN Spaces.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Where have I been ..

Its been more than a month that I have posted anything here. hmm.. Would not have likes it this way, but things were not entirely under my control. I was working at a client site and had limited access to internet and limited time.

Meanwhile the world has moved on.

Some of my very close friends -Akshay (Shantu) and Deekshant (Sheru) got married and I could not attend their wedding.

Manas and Vaishali have a new venture - Food Buzz Check out the neat web-interface for placing an order. I like this idea of ordering through web. Wish someone near my office in Chennai was doing something similar.