Sunday, October 30, 2005

Long Time no blog

Haven't updated my blog since a long time now. main reason is that from being able to access internet at office & home, I am now restricted to accessing it through a cyber-cafe at 1 GBP per hour.

havnet got into the habit of collecting PP( Patel Points) so cant send photos of myself standing before the Big-Ben .. at least not yet

Life has changed somwwhat - am back to some kind of programming stuff - Derivative Pricing & Exotic options .. Well its not all that Exotic as you might think at first .. Highly mathematical in nature and tedious to program ..

Met parth after more than a year. It was great having Parth and Donald in london. Went to a couple of places over the week-end - the usual landmarks in central London.
My feedback to parth - "yaar tu max sophisticated ho gaya hai" ;o)

Bought a book - which I am religiously reading nowadays - Europe on a Shoestring ( Lonely Plant) Trying to figure out which places need to be visited in Europe. Have decided on - Paris, Rome & Dublin in that order - but this will happen next year when i am able to get visas for those places ..