Saturday, March 11, 2006

update on life

5.82 lakh INR of education loan pending

4yr 10 months to go before I quit corporate job and head back home.


In this regard KD has always been an inspiration for me who made me realize that it is not necessary that to retire we should work till 55 yrs.

KD is also in a league of his own - an IIM-A grad yet planning out for an unconventional career move of teahcing in a school a couple of years down the line.

Yes KD like u i also work hard in my job and perform well though I do not have a intrest or ambition in making a big career in corporate world..

havent been able to resolve this contradiction - If i plan to quit this career, then y do i take my work so seriously and fight to execute the project successfully .. I have missed some of my friends marrige (Jatin Luthra, Akshay) and other festivals

was it worth it ????


Anonymous Lokesh Shah said...

Maybe you are just confused with misplaced priorities.
Or maybe you just lack the courage to do what you really like to do.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Rajeev said...

Dude tell me one thing if you didnt want a career why did you sepnd so much on your education and get tied yourself down???

9:55 PM  

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