Saturday, March 11, 2006

on material things

Had a serious discussion with path today morning, with me eating the leftover khichdi from last night ( after a long time cooked my favourite food khichdi for dinner yesterday)

Parth says that I am the most non-materialisitc person he has seen in his life. That I can live on anything, stay anywhere and have almost no requirements in life.. (except roti, kapda makkan and bandwidth) and have got nothing to do with Branded stuff.. example of buying both my non-branded shoes from Asda rather than from nike, rebook etc etc.

I am still reflecting on this..

What he says is probably correct - I dont aspire to own a big house, have no fascination for cars or mobile handsets and certainly dont want a plasma tv.
not that i have anything against anyne who aspires these things

now let me list down the things that I cannot live without -

1-Tea (prefreably TajMahal and strong)
2-Bike - cant imagin not roaming around generally on a bike (one thing that i miss in london)
3-gmail and blogspot ;o)
4- mobile phone - need to talk to my friends for an hour
5- books - loads of them

... WIP (work in progress)


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