Saturday, March 11, 2006

jumping ships

Lokesh Shah says -

"Maybe you are just confused with misplaced priorities.
Or maybe you just lack the courage to do what you really like to do."

Rajeev says -

"Dude tell me one thing if you didnt want a career why did you sepnd so much on your education and get tied yourself down??? "

I would say lack of courage has been the main issue. Thinking back I can count lots of instances when I could have changed my life or I know exactly what I wanted but never had the courage to take the leap for it. Even though I tend to think of myself as non-conventional person with some weird notions of life and society my resume reads like a strictly career orineted ambitious person who will fit the role of the new yankee youth of India.

1 - Was clear from school days that I do not want to be a enginner, yet worked hard to get into a engg college and then for the next 4 years kept on exploring what next.

1.1 - Wanted to take up economics at Stephen's yet took admission in Physics again from a plain practical consideration.

2 - Was clear that software jobs are crappy and I do not want to waste my life sitting in front of a computer, yet took the software job, strictly because of the money it offered as compared to the other jobs in NGO's that I was thinking about

3 - Took a posting in Pune as compared to Bombay because thought of Joining FTII pune after 2 years. (wanted to become a cinematographer) Could never quit my job for it

4 - Did not want to spend a fortune in doing a MBA yet did it out of some vague considerations at that point of time and landed up in a high-end call-center ;o)

The only case when I jumped was for the start-up ProductDossier to fulfill the desire of being a part of a start-up and get a entreprenurial flavour

Inspite of all this I still have hope that someday I will be able to do what I really want. Question is that even if I have figured it out, will I have the courage to jump the ship.

< Thats why my ideals have been people who jumped ship (medha patkar etc) rather than Jack Welsh kind of people >


Anonymous Arun A said...

Ouch, that kind of hit where it hurt! :-)

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