Thursday, March 16, 2006

being patriotic

Manisha says -
Little India: "I have never felt so Patriotic in my life as i have felt over the past one year in the US."

Reminds me of my 'American Literature' profressor, 'Mack P' at iit. He has spent a number of yrs in US - phD & teaching and had returned to India. his trade mark dress - khaddar and chappals. He used to say there are 2 kinds of indians in US - one who change their accent within 2 weeks of landing there and others who become even more traditionists than Indians living in India.

I landed in London on 25th of Jan and went home late night tired. Wanted to get to bed so that the next day I could go to work in time. I was amazed to see that all my friends were wide awake. Reason - all of them had taken the following day off. 'We have made it a rule that we do not work on 26th Jan & 15th Aug' They had been following this since last 3 years.
All laughed at me for going to work on 26th Jan.

Now thats being patriotic.

Incidentially, I had a better Diwali in London as compared to chennai.


Anonymous Lokesh Shah said...

Wonder if not working on a these days is good way to show your patriotism?


1:47 PM  

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