Saturday, November 19, 2005

As you desire me

Ever since I have been in london I was planning to see a play but the ticket price seemed too high. Finally 2 weeks back I got a discounted ticket for this play.

Even though I had never heard of this play and had low expectations, it turned out to be quite a good experience. Strong plot and wonderful performance


Blogger Lokesh Shah said...

Watching a play is a vastly different experience from watching a movie. Sometimes ago Vaishali and I saw a play because she had to see one for a course she was doing. We enjoyed it a lot.
I believe the 'live'ness of a play enfuses it with a unique kind of energy.

11:47 PM  
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Anonymous rohit said...

I saw a play last night in downtows SF! It was more of a musical/broadway kind of thing (The roar of GreasePaint). Initally, I was skeptical but then, I enjoyed it a lot! The concept, the performace, the crew..... was awesome. I love the energy that infuses and the social issues that can be represented by theatre. simple act!

10:04 AM  

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