Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Car vs Motorcycle vs Walking/Running

Dhaiya has quoted from Zen and the art of .. you know what

Ritesh Dahiya: Vacationing on a Motorcycle

When I had first read these lines in 1997, I was a third year student at IIT-Delhi and did not have a motorcycle. My access to any kinds of powered vechicles were limited to -

Priya scooter - Owner: Manas Garg
LML Vespa scooter - Owner: Rohit Agarwal
DTC bus - Owner: Government
Red Line bus - Owner: delhi dons

Given this limitation I had to reconstruct the quoted phrase: replace car with motorcycle and motorcycle with running /walking The central argument still holds - You are closer to nature while walking/running as compared to riding a motorcycle.


Blogger Praveen Bhat said...

Thats so true. Still, however, Zen and the art... convinces you of riding the bike and being with the nature, all the while you're reading the book. :)

3:24 PM  
Anonymous B-10 , never beaten ! said...

It boggles my mind – spent 6 months with you as a groupie, did know not know just how smart and intelligent you are, how ,much depth you have … I always knew you were smart from our “Gillette” case days – but after reading your blog – realized much more to you than meets the eye !!!!

Cheers buddy, you will always rock !!! Hail ISB, hail to your future…

Your Groupie from B 10… take one guess ...

1:36 AM  
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Anonymous r said...

I disagree! I am always busy/pre-occupied while walking/running ... And moreover, you can just see "so much" while walking/running. I still think riding a motorcycle is the best way to explore the nature :)

10:09 AM  
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