Thursday, August 18, 2005

Now Listening ..RHCP

I am not a RHCP fan because I had listened to some of the hits that the band has produced and did not like the songs. Two months back I came across this album - By the Way. The songs in this album are quite different than the ones I had listened to earlier. Since then I have listened to this album more than 40 times and am still listening to it.

Sometimes the greatest hits of a author/band may not be representative of their work. This thought has always been with me ever since I realized that the greatest hit of Pink Floyd (We don't need no education) was definitely not their greatest number nor was it a representative of their typical style. What is this phenomenon called - Tyranny of numbers


Blogger Manas Garg said...

Can you define the phrase "tyranny of numbers"?

6:47 PM  
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