Thursday, August 18, 2005

Just completed

Tyranny of numbers (continued)

I have finally manged to read through all of Dan Brown's novels.

Ratings on a scale of 10 -

Angels & Demons (9)
The Da Vinci Code (7)
Deception Point (5)
Digital Fortress (3)

Anyone who enjoys thriller and has not read Angels & Demons is missing something. Last two books are not recommended at all as they suffer from a very shallow plot and predictable ending.

Though I enjoyed Da Vinci Code, I could not understand why it had become such a big hit. To find out if I had missed out something, I read this book twice. The book is definetly a page turner, though suffers from a very weak ending. Its surprising that it has turned out to be such a big hit and most people just limit themselves to this book rather than reading Angels & Demons... Tyranny of numbers

There are a lot of similarities in all of Dan Browns book -

a) Very short chapters to retain the attention of the reader
b) Fast paced
c) Bare minimum character development
d) Involving big names - NASA, CERN, Pope ( CERN has a disclaimer on this)
e) Weak endings - Not all things fall into place. After taking the plot to a climax the fall is quite dramatic and the explanations are not adequate. I felt quite cheated that some of the names that added gravity to the plot were not realy required.
Manas is raising the same question here
"Why did Teabing involve Opus Dei for his work? He just needed one guy who could drive and shoot. He could have hired anyone for that. The Church and Opus Dei were involved just to make the plot of the novel much grander. So that people feel that there is a REALLY REALLY BIG conspiracy going on here. Well, Brown couldn't justify it in the end."
f) The respected and trusted characters are the villians



Anonymous Anonymous said...

sahu darling stop reading this dan brown crap.
try focault's pendulum by umberto eco. it's not pop like dan brown.


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