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Suceess in life

Suceess in life

I have often been involved in heavy discussion on the topic - 'how do you define sucess in life?'

Having read many definitions and having had many such conversations I come to the same conclusion - the definition given 8 years ago by my dear friend Deekshant ( who now runs Roots Education is the one I find appealing.

He had said during one of those night-outs chat sessions filled with ghazals & black-coffee made over the heater of his room while we were preparing to enter the real world (fourth year - last semester)

'Success in life is to be able to define your own parameters of success.' If you are able to defiy the general rules of success defined by the society such as to settle in US, earn a lot of money, buy luxurious stuff; and define your own rules of the game; then only will u be able to claim that you have succeeded in life. It is not important that you achieve what you have defined but the task of defining and working towards those goals is success.

hmmm.. come to think of it . isnt the theory of NKK (nish-kaam karma ) being played out over here

Hats off to sheru for this profound statement. Till date i have found no one who could contradict this successfully.

As for me I am still struggling with this question, and Yes I have still not succeeded in life and am far off from it. Yes I am still working on this. Now sheru will point out and say - Sahu u are still confused.


Blogger Manisha said...

Hi!!I am sure u have heard this one before

You may have succeeded at life if...

If you do something no one ever accomplished before.

If you give more to the human race than you take away.

If you are ever a world champion.

If you spend more time happy than sad.

If you practice refined taste.

If you spend less time thinking about other people than they spend thinking about you.

If you die with more money than your parents.

If when the time comes you don't fear death.

If someone remembers you 100 years after you're gone.

If you make a difference in just one person's life.

If you ever get someone to truly love you.

If you accomplish everything which was expected of you and more.

If you never purposefully harm anyone.

...But the truth is, there is no official score.

- Bram Cohen

1:35 AM  
Blogger vishal sah said...

hmm .. havent seen this one but other sayings along this line.

to me it appears that we tend to have phases when we think and practic such sayings and then get too-inolved with our day to day struggle of life.

Challenge is to continously increase the length of the phase when we are actvely following such sayings

10:54 PM  
Blogger Manisha said...

Success is temporary..its shortlived..once achieved, you set another target, another goal in life..For us currently, if Devanshi gets potty trained,..thats success..:-))

12:11 PM  
Blogger Manas Garg said...


Success is an effect of achieving your goal and not a goal by itself.

Your goal could be as simple as 'sleeping 8 hours a day'. Now, you just need to sleep for 8 hours a day and you are successful.

The problem you are trying to solve is not success, it is the goal. You are looking for One-Grand-Goal to which you can dedicate your energies.

By all the conventional wisdom, success is supposed to bring to you eternal happiness. That is why you are looking for success. But how can you find it unless you know your goal?

If you had eternal happiness, you wouldn't be looking for success. And because you don't have a goal, you don't have success either. That makes you more unhappy and that makes you long for success even more.

Isn't it the infinite loop all of us are stuck in?

In our efforts to break out of this loop, we decide upon some goals (that we think will bring us the 'success' that we so intesely desire). Once those goals are ahieved, we still find ourselves in misery and even more disconnected with ourselves. And we look for some more goals/success pairs which even end in the same way.

I would like to dismiss the theory of One-Grand-Goal. Can I say that I would be successful if I shake hands with Manmohan Singh? No. Because it means that just the moment before I shook hands, I was unsuccessful and the very next moment, I was successful. And what happens after I am successful? Do I get eternal peace and happiness? Am I successful forever now?

Success is not about doing one particular thing in one particular way. It is not a dot in your lifeline (befor which your lifeline looks red and after which it looks green).

Success is about your entire lifeline. It lies in your day-to-day activities. It is about doing what you feel is correct every moment, every day and day after day.

Success is not an account of your deeds/misdeeds. It is about your way of life.

I feel overwhelmed now and don't have words to express myself anymore.

3:53 PM  

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