Saturday, January 28, 2006

my fillum

My story -

Story thought of in 1995 (when I was going through the anti-dam, anti one-sided development, anti anti-people public policies and heavy on ideas of NBA - narmada bacho andolan & Medha Patkar )

Story first written as a submission for a 10 marks assignment in the humanities (HU) course - 'Workshop in creative writing' at iit-d. i have forgotton the name of the prof (does anybody recall ? she took up a job in DU afterwards) She gave me 8 marks (one of the highest for the submission) & 1 comment (Very Good Ending) on this assignment. Managed a B grade in this course which pushed my CGPA upwards. Happened all the time, my non-enginering course grades were always better.

I had wanted to write a script for a short fillum on this story line and had preserved the assignment. had thought on this often, visualized the camera angles and the dialogs and the characters and the lighting effects and the money required for this project and the response of the people and the awards this will win and the peoples life that would get changed because of this .. BUT i never actually got around to writing the script.. < 'I am very poor in execution' - is my usual response to get out of these uncomfortable truths >

My general comment -

All that stays with you for life after an engg degree is what you learn in all the non-engg courses. The engg courses are a waste of time.

My experience -

1995. I went to nainital for the autumn break from college. Our family and relatives went to Jageshwar temple for 2 days. We stayed at TRC(tourist reception center) a new hotel that had come up. TRC was overflowing with people. I had gone to jageshwar after almost 10 years and I thought about my previous visit. That time I had gone there with my grandmother accompanied by a bus-full of people from nainital. Since there was no TRC or any other hotel we all had slept on the ground-floor of the priest's house which was located right across the main temple.

Now I was told that this practice of staying at peoples house and paying them a nominal amount had stopped. Visitors either stayed at TRC or better still returned on the same day without a night stay (facilitated by the better road which made this possible)

So my thoughts went back and forth 10 years and finally the priest, the owner of the house became the central character. I visualized how things would have changed for him and his family in the last 10 years.

My script -

are u serious. do u really think I would donate my IP to the world just like that... does msft publishes its source code on a blog ?

send me a personal email for this and you will get your copy on a strict 'NO FORWARD' basis ;o)

My appeal -

Plese donate genorously for this cause and in return you get to the play the character that you like in the script.

Better still become a equity partner in this venture.

Interested ?

Abhishek Shukla's (forecasted) comment ;o) -

tu nahi sudhrega .. bhooka, bechara, nange kisaan ki teri favourite story line .. kisann jisne max types mehnat kar ke loan ke paise se crop lagayi ..lekin monsoon fali ho gayi .. crop khatam ho gayi aur kisaan bhooka mar gaya .. Mai teri fillum finance nahi karunga .. mujhe paise doobane ka shauk nahi hai

Thats why I only ask for donations from shukla and refuse to show him the script


Anonymous Lokesh Shah said...

Some interesting thoughts at 3:30AM in the morning!!!
Good time to post thoughts and comment on other people's blog ;)

9:34 AM  
Blogger vishal sah said...

hmm .lokesh this was actually posted in late evening uk time .. but anyhow ..intreted in the script ?

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Lokesh Shah said...

the peoples life that would get changed because of this
Couldn't understand the how of this part. I wonder how many films there are which change lives.

BTW, how's London? isn't it cold enough to shut down your brain cells.

And yes I'd be interested in the script. Should make good read on way home. Can't commit to a donation yet.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Ritesh Dahiya said...

Send me the script, I am also looking to do something different and meaningful in this life.

Let's see how it goes.

10:29 AM  

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