Friday, January 20, 2006


Rajeev has commented on my ramblings on Globalization -

"I do not agree with you that capital movement must necessarily followed by movement of labor. Capital movement creates localized oppurtunities which according to me is good."

> Rajeev, I was not saying that movement of labour follows capital movement. What I was trying to imply that the term globalization is usually meant as free transfer of capital especially by the developed world and they tend to ignore all issues of labour movement. What they want you to do is abolish quota system and lower import tarrifs but are not willing to allow free labour movement into their country. This I find as unfair.

"I think the fact that globalization is necessary cannot be ruled out, the debate is ofcourse how much do you globalize."

> I agree with you. As is true with most things in life, a healthy balance is what is required.

"And as far as america dumping mind numbing work in search of cheap labor, dude nobody is pointing a gun at u and forcing you to do that work. Nobody stopped narayn murthy to create google but he chose to create infosys didnt he? now whose fault is it?"

> hmm.. nobody is forcing anybody to do any of these kinds of job but eventually the money factor weighs in. Thats why I appreciated the honest confession in the book "call center" where the character says that he has become a prostitute because he is working at a mind-numbing job which he does not like only for the money - essentially selling his mind for money. On Infy & Google I had once posted simiilar thoughts on sulekha.

No wonder I appreciate people like Sidin who decided to quit job and do what they erally want. Check-out

On a side note I recall a job-interview that I gave a year back.

Q - You seem to have done a lot of various stuff - Enginerring, NGO's Software, Start-ups, MBA & Finance.. now what exactly are your career plans and in which area
A - I see myself working in a job for the next 3 years, till the time I am paying off my loan, after that I do not know if I will continue a job
Q - hmm intresting .. so you have no long term commitmemnt to our company in caswe we decide to offer you a job
A - No, all I can promise is 2 years.

Q - So what is your dream job ?
A - Honestly speaking .. my dream job is 'doing nothing'
Q - ha ha ha .. what a answer, even I would like that at some point in my life, but practically speaking what is a your dream job
A - There are jobs and then there are 'dream-jobs' There is nothing like a practical dream - job

Q - Ok what are your views on the Indian Stock Market. On CNBC analaysts are giving conflicting signals as to the dorection of the market. What do you think of their analysis.
A - Sorry Sir, I dont know what the analysts are saying as I do not have a TV at home.
Q - (surprised)oh .. so you dont have a tv at home.. well maybe then you would be able to give me your independednt view on the market without getting biased by the CNBC analysts .
A - Well the long-term outlook .............. long 5 minute gyan

No wonder I did not get the job for being too honest in my answers ;o)


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