Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Goggle News -

Today morning, I switched on my computer and fired up Firefox. Now I thing that I like about Firefox is that I am able to set up multiple home-pages on different tabs. For example, I have Google News, Reuters UK and myYahoo as my homepages. The first thing that I need to do is look at the recent international top stories, move on to Reuters for basic business and stock coverage and then check al price movements on myYahoo.

Ok, coming back to Google news. It now provides a way to customize your news page. Now you can go and change the locations of the sections, decide how many news item you want per section and even add customized sections. So I added the maximum possible news link for the Sci/Tec and business sector.

Customized sections is interesting as you can add your own keywords. News items matching the keywords will be displayed. I tried the keywords - Linux Microsoft and sure enough I started getting news content on this topic.

I had shifted from yahoo news to google news because -

google has a simple and neat layout

google offered an Indian edition. Since yahoo pull Indian news from Reuters India, I might as well read Reuters India.

Good improvement, though the question of making money from this service is still not clear. Google cannot use adverts on this page since it will violate the conditions laid out by news providers. News providers will provide RSS feeds and content to News aggregation services as long as these services are provided free on a non-commerical basis.

"How can Google make money from its news service?" -

Any thoughts on this ?

The only way I can think of is by charging News providers based on the traffic being directed from Google news to the news providers web-sites


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