Monday, March 07, 2005


Yesterday, I was having a dicsussion regarding the trends in the Technology sector and how blogs offer a new chance for companies to exploit an entirely new way of marketing and communicating with clients. We were taking a stroll on the sea beach having a great view of the sunset ( of course the sun was setting behind us )

He referred me a web-site - Trend Wathcing and how he really gets engrossed in the contents of the web-site. Sure enough, great site. One particular article I found quite useful is on counter googling. In reality this phenomena will take a lot of time - at least a couple of years to be of any practical use in India. Main reason is that the internet penetration in India is still too low and most of the individual users are not into content generation. ie. would not be maintaining logs or posting comments. Nonetheless great future potential.

This article reminds me of Eklavya Prakash who 3 years ago told me that before important meetings he googles about the people to have a better understanding of the way to go about in the meeting. At that point, I thought that this was taking things to an extreme, but now I longer think so. Great insight Eklavya..


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