Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the unfolding of life: is life fixed?

My friend Vijay Soni asks the most relevant question - what is the goal of life ?

I have always wondered that despite questions such as these beign asked since eternity there is nothing like a comprehensive FAQ of Life kind of book available. If such a book was to appear would it have a universal appeal or would it be followed by a small sect or a cult ?

the unfolding of life: is life fixed?:
To quote Soni -
"lets assume that we invent a formula as ... events in life = fn(time) ... if this equation is deterministic and produces unique solution ... it hits on the concept of free will ... do we really have a free will?

so can we say, at a macro level - life is fixed ... and we have free will (God's grace) to decide and act on micro level stuff of life???

and if life is fixed ... what is the goal of life? hv u ever wondered why we r here in this world?"


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