Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What Should I Do With My Life?

What Should I Do With My Life?: "The previous era of business was defined by the question, Where's the opportunity? I'm convinced that business success in the future starts with the question, What should I do with my life? Yes, that's right. The most obvious and universal question on our plates as human beings is the most urgent and pragmatic approach to sustainable success in our organizations. People don't succeed by migrating to a 'hot' industry (one word: dotcom) or by adopting a particular career-guiding mantra (remember 'horizontal careers'?). They thrive by focusing on the question of who they really are -- and connecting that to work that they truly love (and, in so doing, unleashing a productive and creative power that they never imagined)"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great article! Will be following your journal from now :))

- Contented Bloke

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