Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Joel on Software - Publicity ?

Joel on Software - Good series, Joel: "Kind of makes you wonder, with all of Joel's proselytizing about how to run a small business/tech startup, how much of his success is due to JoS itself. Without the top-notch word of mouth generated by this site, would it really be feasible to hire the best and the brightest, give them unparalleled benefits, and still be in the black (which I assume Fog Creek is)?

In other words, could a company like Fog Creek succeed if you replaced Joel with someone just as savvy, but without his gifts for written communication?

I hope so, but it's not certain by any means."

Good comment ..

I would never have heard of Fog Creek if it was not for the blogs written by Joel. So yes, 'Joel on software' is a good medium for publicity. Nevertheless, if the blog was just about Fog Creek and its products, this blog would not be as popular as it is now. It is the wide variety of thoughts and good insights into different aspects of software development that makes this blog so intresting to read.


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