Saturday, July 16, 2005

Degenration of ideology

In one of my posts I had given an example of degeneration of ideas

Manas wrote his comments here

Today I Stumbled Upon ( using toolbar ) at Crazy stuff from the bible which gives examples of contradictions in the Bible. Some of these were quite difficult to digest and I had to verify the content from other sources. Could not verify all of these entries.

Yet the point is that even if some of these are true, it implies that we cannot take these works for granted. Whatever be the original message/event it is subject to different interpretations by different people -

"Another favorite is the cursing of the fig tree. (Never mind that this tale portrays Jesus as being hungry and looking for figs when it's not even fig season!) In Mark, the tree does not wither immediately, but the disciples marvel over it the next day. Matthew's story has it wither immediately, and the disciples marvel immediately after it withers. In our National Bible Week Poster, I suggest that Matthew was dissatisfied with a Jesus who would take a whole day to wither a damned fig tree."


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