Thursday, August 12, 2004

SUSE 9.1 - Kopete

I have been trying to run Kopte ( IM clinet ) on my SUSE 9.1 since last 4 hours.

Ok, I was not enthusiastic about running Kopte because I ususally stick with Gaim ( even in Windows environment ) but when my attempts to run gaim failed I switched to Kopte. Everything was fine, it connects using my hotmail and icq client but the yahoo connection fails. So natuturally I googled about a bit and figured out that this was due to the recent protocol changes by yahoo and a new version was available. So downloaded the new version of Kopte. It gave me loads of dependency errors, begininning with 'gcc'

So got to the Suse sote downloaded the required GCC. Again errors of C++ Deelp library . Got those - Then some Xfree86 errors. Got these .. some freetypes errors.. got these some QT errors. There are multiple QT downloads. Could not figure out which one to get. Got some .. error still there.

Will go off to sleep now ( after having some Tea ;o)

Sometimes I feel installation in Windows is so much easier. If the installation does not go through, you cant do anything about it . Peace ..

Reminds me of a comment that I read during my googling today -

MSFT will win the OS war based on just one factor - To install you need to double-click the .exe, click Next a coupel of times and Press Finish. Wonder why they havent pickd this up for their marketing pitch ;o)

Will tackle the question - Is GNU/Linux reaaaady for Desktop in a later posting ..


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